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What A Wedding Sand Ceremony Is For

For a very long time, most families have used the unity candles to as their children get married. This tradition is gradually changing as many couples have brought together families with many sets of parents. In many cases, step parents do attend such occasions. Rather than choosing two individuals from each family side to light a candle a sign of unity, you can find a way that will allow every member to participate. This way is the sand ceremony.

Many couples are now starting to use this method. Although many people have not heard about it, It is becoming widely known especially for the beach weddings. It involves placing a table on the site, and if you like, you can decorate it depending on your wedding theme. There is a single vase that is placed at the center of this table.  This makes the only traditional feature of the ceremony as the pot will be used to hold all the gifts from the people who have attended the ceremony. Usually, couples are supposed to select sand in two different colors. One color belongs to the bride's family while the other is for the groom's family. Therefore as the parents will be walking their children down the aisle, they will be required to take some sand and pour them around. The mixture of the two colors of sand stands for the unity between the two families.

The containers carrying the two colors of sand should be labeled so that they do not confuse them. Nowadays, this has enabled many partners to even include their grandparents during the ceremony. This is done whether they are alive or not. Due to this, the couple is typically required to provide a smaller vase of sand for the grandparents in case they want the other generations to be part of the ceremony. Once their parents are through with this process, marriage celebration can after that begin. As the service is almost ending, the couples will be required to pour all the wedding sand remains inside the vase and close it tightly. If the wedding ceremony is religious, they can ask the one in charge to bless unity vase. However much a grain of sand may be, when they are joined together that become very essential. Just as the candles unites the two families so do the unity vase. Sandsational Sparkle has the right supplies for you. The couple will as well have an opportunity to display their gifts after the ceremony.

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